5 Things You Can Learn From Blog Niches That Make Money

Deciding on one of the many blog niches that make money can be very difficult in the beginning of your blogging journey! The fear of going too far down one road and HATING it later can be a fear-monger that prevents you from ever getting started.

If you feel stuck right at the start with trying to find blog niches that make money, let me give you a little advice: there is no perfect blog niche… so just go for it!

It is my belief that any topic or niche can make money if the right strategies are implemented. It is also my belief that niches are the best way to start a blog and to turn your passion into profits.

Let me show you why some of the biggest myths behind niche blogging are simply keeping you from getting started.

Blog Niches That Make Money

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Myth: Not All Niches Can Make Money

Truth: There are profits in any area with demand

  • Making Sense of Cents (Making Money)
  • Pinch of Yum (Food/Recipes)
  • Living Simple Spending Less (Budgeting)
  • Hot Beauty Health (Beauty)
  • The Thought Journal (Mental Health)


The list above shows blogs and their blog niches that make money. Even though these blog are from a variety of niches, they all have income streams in the 6-7 figures.


It’s true, not all niches are made equal, but there are plenty of ways to make money through blogging. The strategies that work most with one niche may not be as effective as another. It all boils down to the need of the audience.

Let me give you an example.

Fashion and beauty blogs have much more opportunity to make money from affiliate marketing than say…. mental health bloggers. This is because of the difference in audience needs.

Beauty bloggers may want to post about specific products they use, and write about why brand A is better than brand B. Affiliate marketing makes it easy for beauty bloggers to post about those brands and products while leaving a link where readers can buy directly. Cha-ching!

On the other side, mental health bloggers may have a much easier time making money through digital products like journals, worksheets, e-books, etc. The mental health community is usually looking for information, and not tangible items (although it is possible!).

They key is to find a need, and fill it.


Blog Niches That Make Money

Myth: Niching Down Narrows My Audience Too Much

Truth: You’re building up your expertise, while targeting the right audience

It may seem like a niche is narrowing your audience too much, but once you see that this is making a clear path to your people, you will realize that this is a smart move for business!

Narrowing your audience especially helps if you choose a niche that already has a lot of other bloggers in it. You will want to be so specific that your audience feels that your blog is meant just for them. Having too broad of a topic won’t speak to anyone directly, and may cause you to lose out in the end.

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Readers may understand what you are writing, but without narrowing down your blog enough to speak to their specific needs, they may not feel connected enough to take action by following, subscribing, commenting, or buying.


Blog Niches That Make Money

Myth: Niching Down Narrows My Content Too Much

Truth: There is always room for expansion

One of the great opportunities with blogging is that you can always change, update, and add as much as you want. It is YOUR blog. However, in the beginning a small and targeted audience will help to build a stream of traffic and make your first income.

As you build up your blog, you can start expanding into other areas. It is best to be an expert in ONE area and become really good at that ONE thing. Build the trust of your people. Once they see you as an expert, the next project you bring out will already have a strong foundation of fans and want-to-be customers.

If you still don’t want to niche down too much, try combining ideas! A fitness blog for parents who are on a Keto diet is very specific, yet touches multiple topics! Stay creative and passionate about your blog.

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Blog Niches That Make Money

Myth: Lifestyle Blogs Aren’t A Niche

Truth: Lifestyle blogs can be niched down too and often are a combination of niches

If you have ever visited a lifestyle blog, you may have noticed that there are usually a few topics like beauty, fashion, travel, health, etc. However, if you look even deeper, the blogger usually has a main income from ONE of those areas, or a combination of areas.

Lifestyle bloggers have more opportunity to diversify their income, but it may take more time to build up their audience, and make their first sale. They could earn affiliate income from brands on their website or Instagram, they can sell guidebooks and courses, they can also start a podcast or Youtube channel that compliments their blog.

….but all of this takes time.  It’s easier to make money when you already have money, and I believe even lifestyle bloggers should find focus in one area and expand on others later.



Here are my tips for lifestyle bloggers:

  • Connect your blog categories or choose relatable topics (at least in the beginning)
  • Start building a community from Day 1
  • Focus on one of your categories and create an income stream from it
    • Bonus points if this combines more than one topic!
  • Take high quality photos and invest in the image of your brand
    • Lifestyle blogs need to be aesthetically pleasing as there are too many great ones out there to have mediocre imagery. #ToughLove 


Blog Niches That Make Money

Myth: I Will Eventually Get Tired Of My Niche

Truth: If you choose a niche you are chillbump passionate about, you will always find inspiration

Blogging is a tough job. So many fight through the challenges and get through the hard times because they know that blogging is their way of intertwining their passion with a purpose.

This is why I don’t think that anyone should start a blog based solely on profit potential. It will have about a 50/50 chance of being sustainable. The real power is in the passion from the heart.

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By caring so much about your niche, you will have the motivation to be a risk-taker, push the boundaries, and inspire your audience to do the same. Without this spark, you might as well search for something else.


What’s your blogging niche?

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