Etsy SEO: Easily Improve Your Etsy Ranking

As other Etsy shops are updating their products, you need to make sure that you stand out among the competition by improving your Etsy SEO and ranking.

I have been speaking to a few of my friends who let me in on their little secret… they haven’t been making ANY sales. They started their Etsy long before I did, but ended up giving up because all they heard were crickets.

To be honest, I was a little bit surprised. At the time, I thought my sales were kind of low, but given the amount of time and how many items I actually put into my shop, I am doing really well!

I give all of the credit to my keywords.

Here is how I have been finding my keywords so my customers can find me. I suggest making a master keyword list, and categorizing the keywords by search volume and/or number of results.

Etsy only gives 13 keywords which is why I try to make the most of them!

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Etsy SEO

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Keywords Everywhere

I have mentioned this nifty little tool before but it is AMAZING. It is a Google Chrome plug-in that you can download for free. 

Every time I search in Google, Keywords Everywhere will share the stats of my search terms. With this information, I can easily view the competition, cost per click, and searches per month.

Next, I will search keywords I find relevant to my store, and will create a list of these keywords in Google Docs. I continue to add to the list as I move through my search strategies. I code them by searches per month, and will eliminate any that I deem too low of search volume.

Continue adding to this list and I will explain what to do with the keywords later on in this post.

**Keywords Everywhere allows for you to save the keywords and download the favorite keywords as an Excel file, but I find it easier to use Google Docs. 


Etsy SEO


Etsy SEO

Etsy Search Bar

The Etsy Search bar is another great way to view keyword rankings because it allows you to see the competition level only within If Keywords Everywhere is installed on your computer, it will still populate the competition, but this will be the number for all search engines (Google, Bing, etc.).

You can use the Etsy Search Bar to scan similar competitors, look at what others are posting, and the keywords they have in their title. Are they similar to you? Are they rewording search terms?

You can pull more keywords and add these to your master list.

Try to stick with the first few pages of posts as these items will give you the best information.


Etsy SEO

Customer’s Search

Etsy shares an abundance of statistics that can be of use if you know how to use them. One of my favorites is the “Other Searches by Your Customers”.

You can find this by going to: Shop Manager → Stats → Customers

This information tells you what your customers have also searched for, and can give you ideas on keywords that may better fit your items.

Look at the top terms related to your shop and add these to a master list. Type these search terms in the Etsy Search Bar to find out how many other listings are using these keywords.

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Etsy SEO

Search Terms

Similar to customer’s search, search terms allow you to see the keywords used to find your shop from people who have viewed your store.

These people may not have bought anything, but it does show some insight on how a future customer may find you. These potential customers could have already favorited your shop, and once you post that perfect item, they are all in!

Add these terms to the master list to use for later.

Etsy SEO

So You Have Your Keywords, Now What?

After you have a substantial list of keywords to choose from you need to type in these keywords is as many places as possible.



Now it is time to plug-in ALL thirteen slots for your tags. I’m sure that with the research you did above, you should have much more than 13 to choose from.

To go a step further, you can experiment with shop items and choose to divide the list to see which keywords are best for your specific shop.



You may have noticed that almost everyone has a long title for their products. This is all due to having one more opportunity to implement those keywords. Some shop owners separate by comma, others with hyphens, and some just have one long sentence.

Do what you think is best for your shop and just make sure your best keyword, or the words most related to your shop item is at the beginning of the title.



The keywords should flow naturally, and give an accurate description of your product. But who says you can’t write the same list of keywords at the bottom of the description?

The description simply provides one more opportunity to rank higher in SEO so your Etsy shop can be found by your ideal customer.



Many people don’t think about this, but Pinterest is an awesome tool for promoting your Etsy listings.

It is best to create pins that are the standard 600 x 900 px length as these pins rank higher in Pinterest.

You can easily pop your images from Etsy into a Pinterest Design through I have talked about this site many times and will link another article with more information on other features that come with Canva.

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One more thing to mention here is that Pinterest now uses hashtags! So here is yet another way to put those relevant keywords into action by promoting your store items through a huge search platform.


What’s Your Etsy Shop name?

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