5 Meditation Styles For Any Intention

When starting something new or making a change, you can easily feel overwhelmed.  How do you know what to prioritize? Where do you begin? Is this the right move? Your brain may become filled with ideas, reminders, and self-doubt. This may even cause a little bit of stress in your life. 

So, what can you do about this brain jumble? Simple. Slow down, take a break, and use meditation to control your thoughts.

According to Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, meditation has “multiple positive effects on a person’s happiness and positive emotions, on physiology, stress, cognitive abilities, and physical health, as well as on other harder-to-assess attributes, like self-actualization and moral maturity”.

Meditation has been shown to help with anxiety and depression as well as increased creativity and intelligence. However, this has stronger effects on those who cultivate it as a daily practice.

The practice of meditation has many positive attributes and I have personally used it to organize my thoughts, business, and life.

A simple 10 minutes a day has reduced the number of intrusive and overwhelming thoughts, brought a sense of serenity to my mind, built up my self-confidence, increased my motivation, improved my ability to organize my work, heightened my awareness of the world around me, and expanded the realm of possibilities for myself.

It is not difficult to get started and is as powerful as you let it be. Trust that meditation will help and heal where you need it, and you will bring upon yourself the results you desire. All it takes is practice and consistency to make a difference.


Meditation Styles

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1. Concentration Meditation

This is the most common form of meditation and is what will be most useful for getting organized. Concentration meditation teaches the ability to maintain mental focus and avoid distraction. Harnessing this skill can be used to deepen your insight into your goals.

Try this form of meditation if you are looking to:

  • Narrow down your focus
  • Declutter your mind
  • Destress
  • Let go of worry and self-doubt

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Meditation Styles

2. Mindfulness Meditation

This type of meditation fixates on what is happening in the here and now. It enhances our sense of wonder and admiration while allowing the mind to be completely absorbed in the present, moment by moment.

Try this form of meditation if you are looking to:

  • Draw inspiration
  • Calm yourself
  • Destress
  • Let go of worry and self-doubt


Meditation Styles

3. Reflective Meditation

Reflective meditation takes self-discipline and a topic of focus. It is applied to a specific theme of choice to ask questions and draw conclusions. It can lead to great insight and understanding.

If you are struggling with a problem, in your career, with finding your purpose, with a relationship, I highly suggest trying to do reflective meditation as a way to work out inner conflict and to discover positive solutions. Keep your thoughts on the topic of choice and simply bring your thoughts back if your mind begins to wander.

Try this form of meditation if you are looking to:

  • Investigate deeper meaning
  • Clarify your thoughts and perceptions
  • Work through problems
  • Let go of worry and self-doubt


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Meditation Styles

4. Creative Meditation

The purpose of creative meditation is to encourage specific characteristics of the mind. If you want to become more patient, grateful, joyous, compassionate, clear-minded, etc. creative meditation can be of great use.

The way this works is by acting as though these qualities are already strong within yourself. Imagine yourself as a resourceful, capable and creative being with the ability to make a difference. Your thoughts should reflect this and through the power of practice, it will become truth.

Try this form of meditation if you are looking to:

  • Be inspired
  • Control your creativity
  • Destress
  • Let go of worry and self-doubt

Meditation Styles

5. Heart-Centered Meditation

This type of meditation is dedicated to awakening your sense of love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and gratitude. The first point of attention should be yourself, and once you have infused yourself with these positive feelings and a sense of fulfillment you can open your heart to all others. Heart-centered meditation draws from all other forms of meditation.

Try this form of meditation if you are looking to:

  • Improve your relationship(s) with others and the world
  • Gain confidence within yourself
  • Let go of worry and self-doubt
  • Feel more in tune with the universe and your purpose

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Audio Guided Meditations


Calming Music



Nature Sounds





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