4 Incredible Ways to Bring A Larger Purpose to Your Business

Despite what we see in the news, there are many large corporations using their resources to make a social impact and serve a larger purpose.

Some examples include Tom’s shoes, Method cleaning supplies, and Aldi.

Philanthropic endeavors and conscious consumerism are both elevating trends that continue to grow as customers are becoming more interested in what they are buying, who they are buying from, and how their purchases are impacting the world.



For some business owners this idea of “giving back” may seem far down the road, if at all. However, adding an element of philanthropy to your business plan can be very easy and even more rewarding.

Giving back, no matter how small, is a way to serve a larger purpose, connect with your audience, and make a difference in your community.

Larger Purpose

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Starting Small

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I have spoken about my Etsy Store a few times on my blog, but I haven’t shared how gratifying the experience has been. You see, when first opening up shop, I realized I was creating these shirt designs because of this internal need to do something.

I wanted the apparel to have meaning behind it. I wanted people to wear their shirt and start conversations about it. Whether it was mental health, food poverty, LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, etc, I yearned for more to be done.

My shop is my way of contributing what I have. Every shirt is made to order, and I donate 10% of proceeds to the specific charity relating to the cause. Some of these organizations include The Semicolon Project, The Trevor Project, and The Urban Oasis Project.

You can learn more here.


Larger Purpose

Bloggers Making A Difference

With this in mind, I decided to do a shout out on social media and interview other online entrepreneurs who are making a difference with their platform.

As you will see, philanthropy and charity work are a positive channel for change that is rewarding to both you and your audience.

I met 6 awesome bloggers from a variety of areas. Their stories are all unique, and their community work comes in all shapes and sizes. Here are what they are doing, and how you can make an impact with your own blog.


Shine A Light On Various Causes

Meet Abby, Lauren, and Jordan from MyLifelines

Larger Purpose Larger Purpose Larger Purpose

Abby, Lauren and Jordan are a fun trio of friends who came together and started a lifestyle blog that has created a platform to share empowering stories from strong women, share advice on personal development, relationships, self-care, etc., and anything else their readers may want! With these three lovely ladies, there is plenty to talk about, and by the end of reading one of their posts, you will feel like you are part of the BFF group too!

Breast Cancer Awareness

The MyLifelines women decided to use their platform to spread awareness and raise money for a few charities. In October 2018, they focused on Breast Cancer Awareness. They posted on Twitter and Instagram stories once a day with survivor stories, statistics, and facts about Breast Cancer. They also wrote about it in a blog post which you can find here.

Prostate Cancer Awareness and Men’s Health

In November 2018,  these ladies have decided to spread awareness of Men’s Health through the Movember Foundation. Although these ladies don’t quite have the skills to grow a sick mustache, they are pledging to run or walk 60 miles in the month of November. These miles are representative of the statistic that every hour, 60 men commit suicide.

“The idea for using our platform to raise awareness for both of these issues actually started because of my full-time job. One of our Vice Presidents had prostate cancer, so we were asked to help organize and run Movember events for the company.”

Pick An Organization That Shares Your Values

Meet Sandra from Thistle Cove Farm

Sandra is a Virginia farmer who is dedicated to her Christian Faith. She started her blog many years ago and has traveled the world, been featured in magazines, and connected with so many amazing people because of her work.

Thistle Cove Farm and blog are places of sanctuary where folks find peace, calm and, all in all, a domestic symphony of quiet proportions. I’ve chosen to focus on God, home, family to the exclusion of all else. If my home or life is in chaos, I’ve done no favors to anyone, least of all myself or God. It’s true life is sometimes and somewhat chaotic but, generally speaking, I strive to live a quiet life, tending to my own business and others leading quiet lives speak loudest to me.”

Leading with her values, Sandra supports The Christian Hospitality Network.

For the past two years she has sent a wonderful couple on a 3-4 day retreat for their missionary trip.

Sandra came across CHN many years ago. While she doesn’t ask for donations from her readers, she chooses to support their organization because it aligns with her beliefs and gives her great joy and happiness. 

She says “I’ve been doing this for a few years and believe it’s a worthwhile endeavor. I believe in serving the servants.


How Do Yo​u Want To Thrive?

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Volunteer Your Time Where Needed

Meet Mia from Self Made Ladies

Larger Purpose

Mia is a blogger who writes about money and growth mindset for female entrepreneurs as well as personal growth and the Law of Attraction.

Mia says that gratitude and giving to others is a main topic on her blog, which is at no surprise with the countless donations and time she has dedicated to helping others in need.

“I give 5% of all income to charity. But I don’t have a special charity that I help, I decide situatively e.g. after the hurricanes in the Caribbean and Florida last year I donated there. I flew there shortly thereafter because I had booked my trip before the hurricane. This year I helped the fire victims from Maui who lost their homes in a fire during tropical storm Lane, and I also supported some small charities here in Europe.”

Mia grew her six-figure business using the Law of Attraction, and now lives a life that she could only dream of before. Working online has not only allowed her to travel the world, but also to make a change globally.

“I think that everything counts, it doesn’t matter how much one has to give. In the future I would like to give more help on the spot, for example with reconstruction work etc… This is one of the main reasons why a local independent business is important to me. I write about the Law of Attraction, so for me this is the best way to live the LOA every day.”

Start An Organization For A Worthy Cause

Meet Amanda Ripsam from Mommies Quiet Place

Larger Purpose

Amanda started her blog Mommies Quiet Place about six years ago with the intention to spread awareness about 22q11.2 deletion, which is a condition that she and her daughter were both born with.

“I have been mentoring parents of children who also have the same disorder and advocating online for years. I was a rare genes hero honoree for advocating for 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, and want to give back by providing hope and offering resources by sharing my first hand personal experiences.”

Amanda first started her blog back when she was doctor ordered on bed rest. She needed a platform for the book she wrote, and is now in the process of having it published.

“It was the one thing that I kept at all of these years learning and growing with it. I would like others to know that although we face challenges we are not challenged. Those of us who have it or have kids with it need to know that there is still a lot of work to get the correct awareness out there.”

November is 22q Awareness Month, and you can learn more by visiting Amanda’s blog and read her story here.


Larger Purpose

What You Can Do Today

Do your research:

These bloggers show how it can be relatively easy to support a cause and use their network to make a difference.  You can start by doing research on national awareness months, weeks, and days. You can find these dates at the website National Day Calendar.

Think about how you would like to serve others, and find an organization that already supports this. There are countless nonprofit organizations dedicated to environmental, health, education, animal, human, political, and religious movements.

Once you have chosen a cause, you can find local, national, or global organizations at Guidestar.com

Take a peek at their outreach, their ranking, their location(s), and find an organization that feels right for you.

Talk about it:

Once you have a specific organization chosen, find out how you can contribute, and let your reader’s know!

You can talk about it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and your blog! More than likely someone in your audience has been affected by the cause that you want to support.

Take action:

Even a small act of kindness can make a difference. Find out how you can contribute to your chosen cause, and do something! Bonus points if you can incorporate your readers and have them involved too.

Here are a list of ideas that you can do to start taking action:

    • Start fundraising
    • Feature other bloggers who may have their own blog supporting the cause
    • Feature people who have a story connected to the cause
    • Write guest posts for other bloggers to spread awareness
    • Host a challenge
    • Post on social media
    • Volunteer and write about your experience
    • Contribute a percentage of your proceeds to the cause
    • Start a blog about the cause
    • Take a trip somewhere that needs assistance

Is there a cause you want to be a part of?

Leave a comment below!

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