How To Develop Positive Thinking For Business Success

Are you struggling with your online business? Are you finding it hard to remain optimistic as an entrepreneur? Do you feel like you are on the verge of giving up? Learning how to develop positive thinking for business success is a critical skill for any entrepreneur and business owner.

A simple change of mind may be exactly what you need to keep moving forward.

In this article I will answer these questions:

  • How can I be more optimistic?
  • How important is positive thinking for business success?
  • What are the drawbacks of optimism?
  • What can I do today to create a positive mindset for my business?

Positive Thinking for Business Success

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How Can I Be More Optimistic?

If you have been more of a pessimist lately, don’t worry. You are most certainly not alone. Having doubts about the work you have put in is almost a rite of passage in the entrepreneurial realm, but those thoughts do not have to stick.

In an online business, you should first make sure that you have a positive outlook. The investment and amount of work that it takes to start a business is too large to have it all thrown away because of self-doubt, confusion, and negativity as most of these can be managed.

Therefore, to move towards an optimistic perspective, you will need to be able to catch your negative thoughts, and think critically about them. Critical thinking is one of the most important skills as an entrepreneur because it helps you to be more innovative, and change your state of mind.

How To Think Critically About Your Thoughts

    • Write them down in a journal
    • Practice self-awareness
    • Meditate
    • Pay attention to your emotions

It might become difficult and overwhelming to monitor your thoughts. Don’t expect to be perfect. Positive thinking for business success is like a good habit that takes practice.

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Positive Thinking for Business SuccessPositive Thinking for Business Success

Thoughts & Emotions

It is easier to think about your thoughts when you are aware of your emotions. Whether you like it or not, emotions play a part in your decision-making process.

It’s easier to view it like this:

Thoughts* → Emotions* → Action/Inaction → Results

*There are different theories as to whether thoughts influence emotion, or emotions influence our thoughts, but we can all agree that they work together and are correlated with one another.

As soon as you decide on your goals, your thoughts and emotions will either move you closer or farther away from them. Self-limiting beliefs are one of the biggest obstacles for entrepreneurs, and although others may think your ideas are “crazy”, it’s the ideas that are ahead of the time that make major moves towards the future.

The easiest way to ensure that you’re thinking positively is to monitor your emotions. At times, this is harder in practice, but if you persevere, positive emotions resulting in positive thoughts is achievable.


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How Important Is Positive Thinking For Business Success?

Simply put, your ideas (positive or not) will have a large effect on your business and your life. Company culture, procedures and policies, values, next steps… these will all start from a single idea you have as the leader of your business.

Optimistic thinking is crucial to achieving big, lofty goals because running a business is a never-ending stream of problem solving. A positive mindset will keep you motivated for the future.

Therefore, when a business faces it’s inevitable problems, having positive thoughts and knowing there is a solution is imperative. If you believe there is an answer to your problem, you will put forth the effort to find it.


Questions To Ask Yourself

    • What would I want if I could overcome any challenge?
    • How can I make this possible?
    • Could this be fulfilled in the pursuit if success?
    • What will it take?
    • How can I make it happen?
    • Is it complicated to accommodate this idea?


Positive Thinking for Business Success

What Are The Drawbacks Of Optimism?

First of all, positive thinking does not mean completely removing the negative. The idea of positive thinking for business success is to make sure that the negative thoughts are not overcoming the positive in a way that will hinder growth.

There is a fine line between optimism, wishful thinking, ignorance, and naivety. You should be aware of the weaknesses in your business and continually work to make it better. If you blind yourself from the negative, your business could fail.

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Optimism promotes future growth, while stress (negative thinking) should target current issues that could become obstacles from that future. Try to keep in mind what you can or cannot control, and only focus on what it is that you are able to change.


Positive Thinking for Business Success

What You Can Do Today To Create A Positive Mindset For Your Business?

Best Possible Selves Exercise

Take twenty minutes to think and write down a description of your best possible self. If your life could go exactly as you want it, what would it look like? Take your deeply held goals and values into consideration. You can continue to do this exercise as often as you like, and enhancing or changing your vision is normal, and encouraged.

Backed by science, this is an activity that has shown to improve happiness, motivation, and self-reflection. By writing down your thoughts, you are structuring this vision, and organizing it in a way that allows you to find meaning in your life experiences.

Writing down your goals is also a way to comprehend and realize that they may be more attainable than you had originally thought.

If you know about the Law of Attraction, this exercise is closely related to visualization.

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Goals and Subgoals Diary

Piggybacking off of “The Best Possible Selves” exercise, a goals and subgoals diary will help you to breakdown the long term goals you have for your future, into smaller, bite-sized goals that you can start working on now.

Even more, this exercise will help you to develop an organized strategy, and avoid overwhelm. This process can take time, and may need more than one journal writing session to complete. A technique that may help is to remember times that you were successful at something, recognize the strengths you have, and think of the resources already available to you.


Identify Barrier Thoughts

As mentioned before, critical thinking is an important skill to have as an entrepreneur. Negative thoughts are usually automatic because this type of thinking has developed over time. While reconfiguring this type of thinking takes practice, it has been shown to reduce occurrences of depression, a common sufferance of entrepreneurs.

By recognizing negative thoughts and replacing them with more positive ones, you will be able to prevent the cycle of negatively biased ruminations. Consider writing these thoughts in a journal.


Questions To Ask Yourself

    • What else could this experience mean?
    • Can anything good come from it?
    • Does it present any opportunities for me?
    • What lessons can be learned?
    • Did I develop strengths as a result?


While positive thinking for business success may seem like a no brainer, it is important to practice and have the fundamentals in place before moving forward on your entrepreneurial journey.

There are tons of negative-thinking people who dream of starting a business, but won’t stop thinking about the problems, challenges and odds against success. By treating positive thinking as a habit, you will have more motivation to achieve success in your business.

What challenges do you face when keeping a positive mindset?

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